Your Weekend To-Do (Good) List!

The weekend To-Do (Good) List returns this weekend to give you some suggestions for ways to include altruism and activism, introspection and evolution, compassion and connection in your weekend!

1. Good for the Animals

The Performing Animals Welfare Society provides a new home to animals who have been used (and frequently abused) in the entertainment industries. One of their residents needs a little help and it couldn’t be an easier assignment for you! Here is their request:

Ferguson, PAWS macaque, has become more ape-like as he reaches middle age. A few years ago he began destroying his mattresses so we decided to provide him with disposable beds made of paper or straw stuffed inside a pillowcase. We now have an ongoing need for used pillowcases. If you have used pillowcases you would like to donate to Ferguson, please mail them to our Galt office at P. O. Box 849, Galt, CA 95632.

2. Good For Others

The Greater Good Science Center just added an article about the importance of social connection for the lives of seniors. How can you take some time out of your busy weekend to be that connection for them?

Here are some ideas:

- Schedule a visit to a local retirement community…if you’ve got a skill to share, share it! My Grandmother enjoys it when visitors come to her assisted living community to perform, visit, bring their therapy animals, join in game night, etc. Be creative! Maybe you can simply bring some flowers to distribute door to door. Or a St. Patrick’s Day token. Or offer to drive a resident to run some errands or attend church.

- Call a senior you know! Take time to really listen to them. A phone call may not fulfill their need for daily community, but for that hour you will be a welcomed connection. Don’t know any senior who might appreciate a call?….Nah, I don’t believe you.

- Establish a plan to incorporate your senior loved ones into your family routine more consistently. Build that “village” that we know benefits our kids, our elders, and ourselves.

3. Good For You

Take a lesson from St. Patrick! Did you know that St. Patrick was taken captive from Roman Britain when he was a teen and kept in Ireland for 6 years in servitude until he escaped? In some of his writing he said:

The love of God and his fear grew in me more and more, as did the faith, and my soul was rosed, so that, in a single day, I have said as many as a hundred prayers and in the night, nearly the same. … I prayed in the woods and on the mountain, even before dawn. I felt no hurt from the snow or ice or rain.


As part of your To-Do (Good) assignment I suggest you spend some time meditating on what you can learn from his experience. I don’t want to be too leading here since it will be YOUR meditation, but I’ll just say that you don’t have to be a catholic to relate to his revelation.


Have a wonderful weekend! Make sure to report back on any other good things you added to your

To-Do (Good) list. We would love to hear them!


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Branches and Roots

In light of my recent tough time, which I wrote a bit about in As Much As I Can Summon, I wanted to share something I read that helped me accept the sadness that sometimes rises up.

There is, each time that sadness has passed, some precious reminder that follows that softens the residual ache and propels me on. This was one of those reminders for this time around. I read it at Global Oneness Project. I choose to agree with it and to be the tree that I am!

“Sadness gives depth. Happiness gives height. Sadness gives roots. Happiness gives branches. Happiness is like a tree going into the sky, and sadness is like the roots going down into the womb of the earth. Both are needed, and the higher a tree goes, the deeper it goes, simultaneously. The bigger the tree, the bigger will be its roots. In fact, it is always in proportion. That’s its balance.”
― Osho


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How Are You and Algae Alike?

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of

energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

Energy Field II by KIM YUSOB

Energy Field II by KIM YUSOB

What do you think about this excerpt from an article at Natural Health Warriors?

“A biological research team at Bielefeld University has made a groundbreaking discovery showing that plants can draw an alternative source of energy from other plants. This finding could also have a major impact on the future of bioenergy eventually providing the evidence to show that people draw energy from others in much the same way.”

Can humans share energy like the algae did in the studies described in the article?  If so, what kind of energy are you giving out? What are you taking on from others and why? Are you in control of the energy you absorb? The author recommends doing an energy cleanse to keep your own energy intact and prevent yourself from being too susceptible to others’. I love energy cleanses and usually do a version similar to one described in the article 1 to 2 times per day.

Here are some other suggestions for clearing your energy which, by the way, is not so different from what we might think of as the feeling of having “alone time,” “decompressing,” “relaxing” —that feeling you get when you close your eyes in the sunlight. When you soak into the bath after a long chaotic day and relish the quiet. You get the idea.


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As Much As I Can Summon

“Whatever may be the tensions and the stresses of a particular day, there is always lurking close at hand the trailing beauty of forgotten joy or unremembered peace.” 
― Howard Thurman, Meditations of the Heart

This is going out to those of you who might be going through a challenging couple of days.

I know that there are those individuals in my own life with whom I share a connection that befuddles my understanding in terms of the synchronicities that we have in our spiritual journeys. The synchronicities make me believe a little more easily that perhaps the moon, the stars, God, the butterfly effect–whatever it might be might truly be causing a certain atmosphere to be manifest and that those of us who think we are just experiencing some really “bad days” might actually be riding a purposeful wave of cosmic and/or divine change that is beyond us.

Not that I know what to do with that. I just can entertain that possibility more…the alternative being more about random moods, inconsistent perspectives about very important things, and in the end not much purpose to it all. In the latter scenario I fear that, in the middle of a low time, I could wreak havoc on the beautiful things that are being built in my life like relationships and new healthy practices and the pursuit of dreams. In the former there is always the hope that the bigger purpose is GOOD and that if I persevere that good will prevail.

And so over the years it has given me gradually more and more comfort to think that perhaps I am not so alone in my low times, but am actually experiencing something that is being shared by many of us as we represent a larger “body.” It has also taught me to try and turn my attention away from myself during my low times if I can and to place my inner attention on others that might be going through something of similar spiritual character. 

On that note, I turn to any of you who have experienced something in the last few days like I have.  A confusing resurgence of old fears and negative mindsets. Less hope and more negativity. A feeling of disconnect. I’m thoroughly aware of the tangible circumstances that have caused this for me, but what is perplexing is the strength of these things and the seemingly insurmountable load of them.

That is why I look around from under the brick pile of all this negativity and peer to and fro to see if any of you are under your own pile right now too.

There’s a good chance that one of you is. So to you, I am here too! Get those bricks off if you can, but otherwise hang in there under your pile and remember that the bricks aren’t going to be there forever. They aren’t really you but are something that you are experiencing for some reason right now. Try to believe that..what you believe about your circumstances becomes your reality. There is goodness on your side and there is a “body” of which you are a part that couldn’t function without you.

I speak these things to you because I am unable to speak them to myself right now. Or I should say, I can’t “hear” them right now. But if we really are one then maybe I can share in your upliftment and perseverence.

That is as much positivity as I can summon right now and it is for you, whoever you are! Tomorrow is our new day!

~~~S Wave~~~


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Rediscovering Nature’s Paradigm, Part I

~~~S Wave~~~:

“Over the last few hundred years, leading Western scientists have talked about nature as if she were a woman to be dominated, a mindless machine, a struggle for survival, or (at best) a “glorious accident.” These metaphors have influenced the way modern nations have dealt with internal social problems, other communities, and the natural world.”

From this point of view, connectedness reigns!

Originally posted on Creative by Nature:

“Every particular in nature, a leaf, a drop, a crystal, a moment of time is related to the whole, and partakes of the perfection of the whole. Each particle is a microcosm, and faithfully renders the likeness of the world.”                      ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


If you look around yourself carefully, you may notice that our Universe consists of a unified network of systems nestled within systems. Your physical body is composed of various organ systems, each maintained by groups of cells, molecules and atoms. Our families and social communities are embedded in ecosystems, the biosphere, the solar system, our galaxy and the universe.

From this perspective, human beings are as much a part of nature as the oceans, trees, and stars. What’s more, there seem to be certain patterns and processes which occur in natural systems everywhere, guiding the development…

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Cut-Throughs and Corridors

“It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.”
― The Bhagavad Gita

I recently had the pleasure of exploring Princeton, New Jersey. One of the most charming parts of that town is the number of “cut-throughs and corridors” as my friend and designated tour guide called them. Small pathways with cobblestone paving seemed to appear between buildings and around corners at every turn. They helped make our cold wanderings much more comfortable since they served as shortcuts to our destinations. Quaint shops were also tucked away inside many of these passages making them not just convenient but intriguing.

This same trip taught me something else about shortcuts, shortcuts in life specifically: sometimes they can be hard to pass up! In Princeton I met with someone who offered me an opportunity that would appear to be a direct route to many of my dreams. However, heeding the unease in my spirit, I knew upon my return to California that this particular route isn’t meant for me at this time.

The experience of releasing that opportunity was instructive. The path to my dreams is going to be lit by faith, paved with trial and error, and sheltered by words of encouragement and insight that arrive just when they are needed.

That is something I have known in my heart for a while and the idea of a cut-through that would preclude the lessons I need along the way doesn’t resonate. In an odd way I can embrace the challenge of the path before me even more now that I have seen and released an easier way.

Whatever your path looks like, I wish you clear vision to guide you onward!

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Find Out His Source of Optimism


James Lovelock says that you should “enjoy life while you can. Because if you’re lucky it’s going to be 20 years before it hits the fan.”

What do you think about his predictions in this recent article?

One thing I know for sure is that his “source of optimism” resonates with me:

“There have been seven disasters since humans came on the earth, very similar to the one that’s just about to happen. I think these events keep separating the wheat from the chaff. And eventually we’ll have a human on the planet that really does understand it and can live with it properly. That’s the source of my optimism.”

I find his sentiment to be similar to yesterday’s Life As a Wave post. I have great hope in our evolution as a species, even while our current situation looks so grim

While we are busy evolving, let’s also take his warning to heart as another reason to enjoy life, as he suggests.

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