Welcome to threepennyposts

Well, here we are… a bunch of people who want to focus on the good and worthy things in life and want to connect with others while doing so. As we were pondering all the possible titles for this blog we were drawn back to threepennyposts over and over. In the end, we knew that it was the perfect title for our call and response section. We believe in the value of what you have to say. So check in every few weeks here at threepennyposts and answer our weekly query. We just ask that you keep your answers brief and respectful, but honest and open as well.

To kick off, here is a fitting question for all you new readers. Please reply in the comment box below.  We look forward to your ideas!


What would you like out of a site like this?Now that you’ve seen some of what we are planning on offering, what would you suggest we add to our offerings? 


5 thoughts on “Welcome to threepennyposts

  1. heyata ina says:

    I would like to see you and/or contributors continuing to post personal photos or photo collages or scanned art or pieces of poetry/verse @ We Think, Therefore We Art, because they are OF YOU! Along with a short narrative of why/how that piece touched you or inspired you or “blossomed” out of you, personal pieces tell us about each other, about our passions, about our vision quests.

  2. from your cloud tags i woud be interested in reading your philosophies on these issues. i am an advocate for animal rights & believe in improving the environment & protecting the habitat for all creatues on the Earth. spiritually i try to be kind to al living things. i am progressive politically in all causes. i would like to hear your thoughts on the causes that you support. Namaste!

    • Thanks for the feedback! Check out our mission statement for a little taste of our principles. We’ll try to write more about them too. Come back soon for more!

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