The “Why” of It All

I’m so excited to be taking part in this blog! I’ll be known here as S Wave and although I will be carrying out administrator duties and sharing posts of news and art, I’ll also be a blogging about a specific topic…my journey with animal rights. I am a lover and respecter of all animals. I am an animal advocate. I am a vegan. I am perfect in none of these but I strive toward improvement in all of them. I will write about situations I encounter and how I approach them. The story I tell here will be about the process of learning who I am, what I believe, and what I can do.


I want to write about this because I know some of you are on your own journey of wondering “why?” My “why” might be about animals and yours might be about human rights, the environment, politics and so on. The point is that we are questioning! Some of you might have those specific questions about animal rights. Why do we treat animals the way we do? Across all the arenas where animal life and human life intersect (e.g., food, companionship, entertainment, clothing, etc.), why is it that the status quo is what it is? These questions were always there for me, as long as I can remember. Of course they started out as feelings. I felt sad, not amused, when I saw our hamster on the wheel. I felt great joy when my cat purred next to my ear as we fell asleep. I was elated to see a doe and her fawn emerge from the forest into our field in the back. Eventually feelings led to questions like, “Does our new hamster really enjoy running on this wheel like we all say?” or “How can my uncles—who I know are good and loving—enjoy shooting deer?” That is the way change happens. Little by little, asking questions as you go, adding to your storehouse of information, and understanding that sometimes there’s no easy—or even right—answer.


Now, with so much information at our fingertips about animal treatment, I know more and more people who are questioning the status quo of food production, animal “training” for entertainment, and so forth. These are good and worthy things to ponder. I hope that as I tell my story, it will resonate with you. I hope that my story helps you and yours helps me as we navigate together. And ultimately I hope that our cumulative stories will contribute to an increasingly humane society that extends honor and reverence to our fellow creatures.


In my next post I will tell you my early story in more detail. If you like farm-girl turned city-girl tales, then stay tuned….

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