Right To Know! If It’s GMO!


The dialogue surrounding Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) foods continues and momentum toward change in food labeling is accelerating thanks in part to the Occupy movement and the way it has ignited American citizens’ sense of power. The 2012 Food and Farm Bill is currently moving through legislative processes and people are watching. Did you know that it is estimated that 75-80% of processed food contains genetically modified ingredients?This is because so much of our corn and soybeans yields are produced with genetically modified seeds and then that corn and soy ends up in almost every processed item on the grocery store shelf. Remember King Corn? We’re practically walking corn stalks! Yet with all this GMO floating around in our food system and an estimated 90% of Americans supporting mandated GMO labeling, there is still no such mandate in place. Other nations have banned the use of GMOs altogether while we continue to be denied a simple label telling us the amount of GMO in our food. Could that have to do with the superpower, Monsanto, owning the vast majority of these patented crop strains while also being one of the most powerful agricultural lobbyist in Washington? Hmmm…. Monsanto is one of today’s grandest examples of out-of-control corporate influence in government. It represents the status quo that is driving people to the streets in the Occupy movements across the country.

Bottom line for me is, I have a right to know what is in my food. I have a 1-year old niece and her parents deserve to know what is in her food. Each of you has the right to decide what goes into your body. And as much as I would like us all to eat !!GMO-FREE!!, at the very least I demand transparency in labeling. Who will make that happen? Well, you president said he would. Food Democracy Now! has recently posted a 2007 video of President Obama promising to mandate GMO labeling if he became president. Along with the video is a petition that will be sent to the White House. If you think it’s your right to know what you’re buying and what you’re eating, take a second to sign and click.

Tell Obama You Have the Right to Know!


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