Alma Mater, Mission Accomplished!

One of today’s report from PETA is about their campaign to ask University of Michigan to end it’s needless use of cats in medical training. The school has just announced they are putting an end to the practice! I’m posting this because it is times like this that I am encouraged to continue with each little step I take. I was one of thousands who signed this petition and when I can actually see a result like this, I instantly feel joined to every other person who voiced their opinion. Have you visited our Signed, Sealed, Delivered page yet? Get your name on something and see what happens!!

Here is the article from PETA…..

Victory! U-M Ends Cruel Cat Labs!

Written by Heather Faraid Drennan

After more than a year of campaigning by PETA and supporters—and a day after the release of a shockingPETA exposé—the University of Michigan (U-M) announced that it has ended the use of cats in its Survival Flight intubation training laboratory.

More than 100,000 people—including Michigan natives Iggy Pop and Lily Tomlin—called on U-M to replace crude and cruel live-animal laboratories with more humane and effective human simulators, which are already used for other U-M courses. The U-M student group Michigan Animal Rights Society led demonstrations in support of the effort, the student assembly passed a resolution urging the school to end the laboratories, and the student newspaper editorial board came out in favor of replacing animals with simulators. PETA supporters even jammed university circuit boards with phone calls to protest the Survival Flight animal laboratories.

U-M says that it still plans to harm and kill pigs to teach other skills in the Survival Flight training course, and PETA will continue to push the school to replace all animal use with simulators that are already available on campus.

Of course, this victory would not have been possible without the help of our supporters.

2 thoughts on “Alma Mater, Mission Accomplished!

  1. heyata ina says:

    I agree ~ a fine, fine victory, and let’s hope UM is only the beginning of a wave of compassion on our campuses! Hurrah!

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