Harpers Highlights

I love getting Harper’s Magazine in the mail every month. Each time I’m done reading one I find that I have underlined so many passages that resonate with me because of their truth or beauty, and I have dogeared so many pages. Then I don’t know what to do with all the words that I enjoyed! My refrigerator door has only so many magnets to hold up scribbled-upon scraps of paper. So finally, here is my solution. Introducing a collection of my favorite Harper’s excerpts.

From the most recent publication, January 2012…

“Even more than amazement, what seized me was gladness, the joy that’s born when something overtakes us that we have no way to grasp: the hope of breaking the chains of insights that always bound us until now — the joyous hope that by no longer knowing, we will at last more fully be.” — from America by Yves Bonnefoy

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