VegWeek Pledge!

This is from the Compassion Over Killing (COK) website. Check it out and make the pledge to put the animals, your health, and the environment first next week! It’s a great way to challenge what you thought you knew about food. And if you have any questions about what in the world you eat if you don’t eat meat, just post a question and we’ll answer it!


Welcome to VegWeek 2012: Take the 7-Day Veg Pledge!

April 23-29, 2012: There are 52 weeks in a year, so why not make at least one of them meat-free? VegWeek is seven-day celebration highlighting the many benefits of choosing vegetarian foods—for our health, the planet, and animals—and thousands of people nationwide are taking the 7-Day Veg Pledge as a fun way to discover new and delicious meat-free meals! Sign up today–and we’ll even send you a Starter Pack loaded with recipes and product coupons.

You’ll be in good company! Several elected representatives, including Md. Senator Jamie Raskin and Md. Delegate Tom Hucker, along with community leaders and media personalities, such as Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten, are also pledging to go veg–in addition to thousands of others nationwide.

Be sure to check out the dozens of restaurants offering VegWeek specials as well as VegWeek events taking place across the country.

Join in on the fun: Sign up for the 7-Day Veg Pledge now!

What Is VegWeek?

Compassion Over Killing launched the first-ever VegWeek in 2009 in Takoma Park, Maryland (our hometown) thanks to the inspiration of MD Senator Jamie Raskin. Sen. Raskin eagerly signed up as the first person to take our 7-day Veg Pledge—a pledge he’s kept to this day—and VegWeek was officially recognized by our city through a Mayoral Proclamation.

Energized by his new vegetarian diet, which he refers to as “aligning my morals with my menu,” Sen. Raskin has since helped COK expand our VegWeek campaign, first to entire state of Maryland in 2010 then to Virginia, DC, and California in 2011—and now nationwide!

Want to volunteer for VegWeek or host an event in your town? Contact us today!

11 thoughts on “VegWeek Pledge!

  1. heyata ina says:

    I’ve made the pledge, and will be choosing vegetarian foods in this upcoming week. I’m excited about doing this, for my health, for the planet, and for animals. Happy to join you!

    • lol! I don’t think so, but I’ll look into it. I think those faces are assigned randomly. But you can choose any Gravitar you want if you open a wordpress account. Do you have one? You don’t have to start a blog to have an account.

  2. I have been a vegetarian for 40 years. It’s a wonderful way to live. I don’t choose this for my physical wellbeing but rather for animal welfare & environmental concerns although good health is an added bonus. How do we get more people to think favourably about vegetarianism?

    • Hi green pavilion! Thanks for visiting. I started out as a vegetarian (and now am vegan) due to animal treatment as well. And like you, I have found there to be so many other benefits as well. I think recent growing public knowledge about all these factors is greatly changing people’s habits. But as always, engaging with the people closest to us makes the biggest impact. Be the change you want to see! Can’t wait to check out your site!

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