Do-Good List For Your Looong Weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! Every few weekends I try to post a collection of a few of my favorite petitions/pledges that I have come across. So during this weekend, consider taking just 5 minutes to include your voice to  these worthy uproars…..








(I mean, does anyone with any sense even eat Domino’s anymore?) Okay, but for the animals….Tell Domino’s to get with the program and stop contributing to farm animal abuse here.









Demand GMO labeling here!!









Help battle colony collapse here.










Think floating garbage islands are disgusting and shameful? Make a pledge to stop contributing to them here.


Happy Weekend. 🙂

~~~S Wave~~~

2 thoughts on “Do-Good List For Your Looong Weekend

  1. SynthesistChronicles says:

    Thanks for all of the great opportunities to participate in meaningful activities! Perfect for the long weekend. Have a great holiday!

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