Reader Appreciation

I’ve been gone for tooooo long! A lot has happened in the last month but I’m back on this wonderful blog and ready to make some changes (which will hopefully be improvements) and to reconnect with some of my fellow bloggers whose writings I have missed a great deal!

First of all, I want to send a big virtual THANK YOU to recently nominated ~~~Life As a Wave~~~ for a Reader Appreciation Award on wordpress….

This was a humbling surprise! Thesecretkeeper is a fellow blogger who demonstrates great bravery , grace and openness as she writes about her personal journey. As I mentioned, I’ve been gone from my blog for a while because a string of events have happened in the last few weeks which have required my full attention. One of these was having my computer stolen. Had I backed up, you ask? “No,” I reply sheepishly. It is surprising how jolting a loss it was. But so be it, life goes on with great blessing and beauty. Then, I receive this message of being nominated by a friend…it was a jewel of love in the middle of a pile of coal.   Thank you for lifting my spirits and delivering a reminder of why we keep on keeping on, secretkeeper!!

I look forward to being back in the swing of things and sharing some new posts soon. Until then!……………



2 thoughts on “Reader Appreciation

  1. i am so sorry to hear someone would be so rotten asto steel your computer. that is devastating. all your writings and work & personal messages & whatever else you use your computer for. there’s no way you could send an email to your computer so that whoever has it will get some compassion and brinf it back.

    i was very honor by what you said the award. you definitely deserve the readers appreciation award. but i wish you didn’t have all the trouble before hand. that you are able to let it go.that you are so remarkable to be able to do that. let’s hope all is turning around now. it was a surprise that i was checking my reader of the blogs i follow and found your post. i am usually sleeping about now. but i’ve been up all night wiriting & doing creative things. but alas i need some sleep. but i wanted to write before i did that. good luck. and take care. peace & namaste ~jen the secret keeper~

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