If Edison can keep on…..






Wise words for today.

Whatever it is that you might be striving for, trying for, vying or or dying for….

Whatever it is that you’ve been dreaming of and feel that longing for in your spirit….

Keep moving on toward it!!

Find a different road to draw closer to it.

Try a different angle or a completely different lens to look at it.

Tell yourself the encouraging words that you know you would give to your closest friend if the shoe were on the other foot.

Write it down….paint it….sculpt it….sing it.

And remember…..always…..that you “have come into being by the collective power of the entire universe.” If the most minuscule event had happened differently, you wouldn’t be here. Give thanks that you are here and believe that you belong.



With love,

~~~S Wave~~~

3 thoughts on “If Edison can keep on…..

  1. Serendipity-your words and Edison’s are just the words I was meant to hear/read at this moment. Such wisdom from you. So profound. We are all meant to be in our own way and we will keep on enjoying the journey to our illusive destination which is an infinity if choices. But I feel I am in the right choice for me but it just confounds me half of the time and delights me the other half. I dove in and the water is just perfect as it could be in this moment. Thank you. Jennifer

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