Holidays and Hurricanes

An old friend of mine who lives in New Jersey just said…

“…but holidays tend to soften the striking surprise of hearing from someone from your past that you haven’t heard from in a while. Holidays and hurricanes, it seems.”

Words of wisdom. The holidays are a time to reunite with people you love despite months or even years of not being in touch. Of course! That is part of what makes holidays so special. But it’s also true that an event like Sandy can lead us back to people as well. When Sandy hitting our shores last week, I was struck with how many east-coasters came to my mind…people that I care about despite our lack of correspondance. I saw similar sentiments all over social networking sites and from firsthand accounts: feuds being put aside, postponed calls being made, life and relationship suddenly being viewed from a different perspective.

Photo credit: REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

When it comes right down to it—-when the storm hits the sand—-it is that abiding care that prevails. A lack of correspondence doesn’t necessarily signify a lack of connection.

So because we all need this reminder from time to time, remember to give yourself moments of stillness to allow your mind’s eye a gaze upon that great “cloud of witnesses” that surrounds you in the midst of your journey…the people who have touched your life for good and, intentionally or unintentionally, been a guide. Send them love from your heart and healing from your hands. And if the spirit moves you, send them an e-mail.

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