Higher Selves, For Greater Good

“To live only for some future goal is shallow. It’s the sides of the mountain that sustain life, not the top.”
― Robert M. Pirsig

Where did April go??

I’ve been so so busy and have missed writing for Life As a Wave. It’s a new month which means I should be picking my next Here I Am intention, too. Eek. Ive hardly had time to think about it! (Spoiler alert: it may have something to do with a redesign of this blog, so stay tuned!) Life has been good, and incredibly busy…did I mention that already?? I just posted on our Facebook Page: “I have never worked so hard so happy.” And it’s true!

loving work

Yes, jumping man in jeans, that is good advice. The trick though is that you don’t have to wait for a job to make you jump. Jump in gratitude for EVERYTHING ELSE you have to be happy about (there is ALWAYS something) and pretty soon you’ll discover that your job makes you jump too! If it still doesn’t then okay, maybe you need to open up yourself up to the possibility of a new job.

As for me, in the last month I’ve gone from “What is my purpose?!” to “Bring on my purpose!” I’m not going to wait around for a divine calling while squandering my here and now. Every moment we have is part of our purpose. Ask for a purpose and it will introduce itself to you. And don’t you dare restrict yourself to just one purpose. In the last two months I’ve gotten a promotion in my “regular” job as a speech-language pathologist, received a request to manage a major fundraising project for a start-up, been invited to submit a painting to a non-profit arts magazine, and completed an energy-healing class. I’m not tootin’ no horn here! I have simply realized that I am more than just one thing and that my purpose is a story not a title.

Most importantly, I have realized that I can choose to be happy and that I can only do that with the spiritual practices that elevate me above all the potential anxiety and pessimism that would try to drag me down.


So onward and upward, Life As a Wave readers! Your purpose awaits your invitation! I’m going to keep inviting mine and you do the same. Let’s say it together…”Purpose, I invite you into my life TODAY!”

Now together let’s become our highest selves…

for the world’s greatest good.

4 thoughts on “Higher Selves, For Greater Good

    • haha! Yes. I hate you.
      No, I love what you wrote! Time and space don’t exist…don’t we all know that by now?? 😉

      But I think the construct of “now” is something we mere humans need as we transition from being completely distracted by our thoughts of the past and future to being more quickly and easily aware of the boundlessness of our reality… or of a “full sensory experience”..or whatever it is we all believe is greater than this house of mirrors. Don’t you think?

      And speaking of the “incessant thought” that you mentioned…I have to see your post and raise you a post. lol! https://lifeasawave.wordpress.com/2012/11/03/the-insistent-articulation/
      I remember being torn between “incessant” and “insistent.” What a fun coincidence!
      I made my choice and I’m sticking with it.

      • Excellent, we’re definitely on the same page here.

        I once wrote a post very similar, also on the dialogue between self, body and mind and didn’t publish it: the whole dialogue got out of hand in a mad babble!

        Alan Watts has a very interesting take on words and language. He calls it a human invention that doesn’t match the world it is used to discuss. What he means is that the real world doesn’t have nouns (=dualism) and nor does it require a verb (=action) as its smallest entity. He therefore tells us to shut up, including our mind) and start listening.

        It’s all so simple, ins’t it?

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