I’m an Artist, You’re an Artist

You may not have heard of them, but that is the point. There are unknown visionaries around every corner creating all kinds of written, visual and performance art and changing the landscape of their own souls, their families, and their communities. Really, we are all artists. Yes, you too! Don’t you think you are creating something that has never been created before this very moment through every word, thought and gesture that you dispatch? Your whole design of (insert your name here) is a piece of art. Accept it. Then, ask yourself what kind of art you are sharing with the world through being you.


Well, now that you know you’re an artist, let’s turn our attention to a non-profit group called FOKUS. They deserve a big shout of for their  persistent and passionate work toward empowering artists and their communities through art education. In their Insight Magazine, they allow artists of all types to have a moment of recognition, and they have recently done so for Life As a Wave.

After reading, “From one and One” a FOKUS co-founder invited Life As a Wave to take part in an Insight issue themed, Color and Light. When they invited me, I thought, “No, I’m not an artist.” Thank goodness that didn’t last long and I came to my senses (see above paragraph, in case you’ve already forgotten.) This past weekend, the issue was published. I am so humbled to be included on the pages alongside such inspiring pieces. Hellbent’s public art project is my new favorite. You can peruse the magazine by clicking on the cover below. Don’t miss Life As a Wave’s moment in the spotlight on pages 48 and 49.

Tribal Configurations by Joseph Meloy

Tribal Configurations by Joseph Meloy

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