Ah ha! I Found My Point!

Welcome to Post #100! I feel like celebrating every time I actually finish a post 🙂 but obviously this one is special. Instead of trying to create something deep and philosophical for you though, I would like to use this auspicious moment to simply introduce myself —I mean the actual person behind the writing—and tell you what this blog just taught me.

When I started this blog I imagined it as a group effort. So I invited a few others to write posts and we all enjoyed the very mercurial quality of the Life As a Wave theme. In other words, we didn’t really have a theme or direction. We just wanted to express positivity. As for my role, I was coordinating the efforts and writing mainly about animal rights and my own vegan lifestyle choice. As time went on, I kept writing and loving it while the others’ contributions decreased. (Don’t worry. No bridges were burned over it!) Soon I was the sole writer and now the blog is one of the great loves in my life.

As I wrote more though I began to ask “But what is this blog about?? Everybody seems to have a point. What’s my point??” Ultimately, I’m fine not having a point. But I’m also happy to say that after all these posts, I think I finally know my point…I know what I’m writing about. 🙂 I am writing about connection. Hmm…I think I actually knew that from the beginning. But the connections that intrigue me are multilayered so for a long time I didn’t see that Connection was the common thread between all these topics I wanted to write about. Now I see…writing about animals is reflecting a connection to to other life…writing about meditation relates to connection with ourselves…writing about relationship is about connection with fellow people…and so on. Connection is something we are doing all the time in all kinds of ways but usually with no recognition that we are doing it. So I think my point is that if we can connect more intentionally and with greater compassion then wonderful things—awaiting their own emergence—are possible.

With this new understanding of my own point in hand, I look forward to writing the next 100 posts with more authenticity than ever! And on that note, let me introduce myself. I have remained “~~~S Wave~~~” because 1) using that name reminds me of one of the reasons I write this blog: to contemplate what connects us all beyond the limits of our names or earthly identities, 2) I didn’t want to be pigeonholed as  a writer by presumptions that might arise from one look at a picture, and 3) it just really began to feel like my name! But, my name in “real life” is Simone and here I am near my home in Southern California:


I’ll keep on writing as ~~~S Wave~~~, my real Self :), and I promise to let you know when my point changes again, as it is most certain to do. I look forward to see what the next 100 posts bring to our collective experience.

Be well. Always find something to celebrate.

~~~S Wave~~~ (aka, Simone)

12 thoughts on “Ah ha! I Found My Point!

  1. Congratulations S(imone) Wave! 100 is great. It’s a book: you did it 🙂

    These blogs – like so many of our ventures – are voyages of discovery and self-discovery. Yesterday you were a wave in a sea of everything and today you are deeply connected. What will tomorrow bring? LivelySkeptic wrote a great post about our myriad motivations about blogging (http://livelysceptic.wordpress.com/2013/06/25/blogging-with-narcissus/) and I think she got it spot on.

    Enjoy the next post and the next and the next …

  2. Simone,
    When you touched on connection you hit that proverbial nail directly on its head. Where the wonderful things occur is in the creative interactions between men and women from all around the Earth. You have identified connection correctly as the most powerful force in this world, whether that be the good talks shared by people on a single blog, or the combined effects of those good talks at millions of blogs. The wonderful things which are possible are expressions of unity and love between human beings from all regions of this Earth.
    Thank you,

    • Thank you for these encouraging words! I’m excited to see what new aspects of connection I will be encountering next. As always, glad to share the journey with wonderful readers and writers like yourself.

  3. Wow, what a great post, great “point”, and I am encouraged by your passion: for animal rights and ta vegan lifestyle choice. I liked this quote: ” … if we can connect more intentionally and with greater compassion then wonderful things—awaiting their own emergence—are possible.” And what is so good is that if / when your point changes … or you add on new points … connecting will never fade. By the way, thank you for visiting Wilder Man on Rolling Creek. Peace, T

    • Thank you for your presence on Life As a Wave. What a friendly and encouraging comment to receive! I am very grateful. I agree with you…the connecting abides no matter what. Remaining aware of that is such a wonderful exercise. Looking forward to staying connected, T!

  4. Hi Simone. Thanks for visiting thefirstgates. I’ve wrestled with the whole “What’s your point?” issue in various arenas for decades, finally realizing there’s hardly ever just one point. In a recent post I wrote down one of my favorite quotes, from Michael Ventura, a journalist: “If you’re the only one in the room, it is still a crowded room.”

    I look forward to reading your next 100.

    • I like that quote! A similar one that has becomes a favorite for me is Walt Whitman: “Do I contradict myself?
      Very well then I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.”
      Good to know that points are as slippery for others as they are for me. The chase is half the fun I guess. 🙂

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