Our Role Beyond the Theater Doors

This week I went to see Blackfish, an important film about the life of orcas at marine parks like SeaWorld. It focused on Tilikum who has been in captivity for over 2 decades. It is receiving positive reviews left and right and anyone who sees it will be challenged to defend their support of parks such as SeaWorld where animals are exploited for entertainment and denied the ability to carry out natural social behaviors. In this age, conservation and education needs to be the name of the game. The times of animals in entertainment is passing.

But, those times won’t pass without actual action by regular citizens.  It’s good to show your support of animal welfare through your attendance at the theatre, but our role in real change doesn’t stop when the lights come back on. So after you’ve seen the movie, ask yourself what your next step might be. Here are some suggestions:

-Pledge to boycott marine parks

-Share the film with others: http://blackfishmovie.com

-Attend a marine park protest. How about one going on TODAY!

-Express your intentions via social media

-Express your disapproval to SeaWorld

-Sign a petition. Here is just one of many.

-START a petition

-Support Free Tilly campaigns like this one.

You are more powerful than you think and there is always another step waiting to be taken.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
—  Margaret Mead

12 thoughts on “Our Role Beyond the Theater Doors

  1. Well done. Thank you for spreading awareness about this and for offering valuable suggestions on how to become proactive. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but I will. Petitions are very effective.


  2. Yes! I plan to see this film, though honestly I’ve never been to sea world. I live near the sea where I can go out on the ocean and appreciate its creatures in their natural habitat.

    Well done. Blog on …

  3. ~~~ C Wave ~~~ says:

    Powerful post ~~~ S Wave ~~~. Just the trailer alone is extraordinarily moving and emotional. Thank you. Going to sign my name right now.

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