A Beautiful Compensation

If you’re going through something that brings you sorrow, fear, or distress try this. Be still, think of someone you know who might be experiencing the same pain because of their own circumstance, set your attention and compassion on them, and speak affirmative words into their situation. As you generate strength for them, you generate strength for yourself. We are connected!


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Honored to be connected to YOU,

~~~S Wave~~~

8 thoughts on “A Beautiful Compensation

  1. Today when I was at Whole Foods sitting outside eating lunch! A woman came and sat with me. Now, there were plenty of empty tables…so my first thought was, “Oh shit, what is she selling?” because she had paper and a pen in her hand. She asked me what my world vision was. I answered, “To live as peacefully as I can towards animals, human, and nature and hope that others follow suit and create a peaceful world.” She asked me to write it down and sign it so that I can “get it out there into the world,” so I did. When I asked her what her vision was, her answer mentioned a lot about connectedness, which reminded me of your blog and posts. She said that she wanted to spread love and compassion by feeling more connected to others. I was very impressed by her confidence in coming to sit by someone she didn’t even know to talk. I wonder how many people blow her off or refuse to answer her? I did need to leave after a few minutes, but when I got up, she asked if she could give me a hug. Who am I to say no to a hug? She gave me a long hug and I could feel her love through that moment of connectedness. It was quite a random and wonderful experience. I left with a smile on my face and a hug in my heart. Xo

    • Debbie,
      That is a great story. What an unusual encounter to have! I love it! Also, for what it’s worth, good for you for being open to a stranger in that way and also for voicing your authentic world vision. It can be so easy to give a generic answer to something like that to say within the mainstream. So good for you! Thanks for sharing. ❤

  2. I see an exclamation mark after the word “lunch” so that means there might be other typos….when I type on my iPad it over corrects – sorry!

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