Month 6: It’s Something I’m Supposed to Be

This month has been so full. I haven’t written, but not for lack of things to share. I have drafted a post multiple times trying to describe my latest Here I Am intention, but none of the drafts ever quite fit the bill. Overthinking will paralyze you, yes?!

So here I am to sum it up and get it out there.

This month and much of last month I have been having a heart to heart with a grand dream that I have.  It is a dream linked to what I feel is a sacred gift that has been given to me, beyond work or hobbies. I’ve never understood how the gift works…I just know that it heals people and that it feels like I am a fish in water when I do it. The dream itself involves seeing this gift being used in miraculous ways. Here is where I lose half of my followers because I sound crazy. 🙂 Indeed, it is a dream that even for me feels a fairly ridiculous 20% of the time, pompous 30% of the time and unattainable 40% of the time. Thank goodness for that remaining 10% that keeps me dreaming!

My intention has been to let go of trying to figure out how it will all develop and how I can make it happen and to just DO IT. “IT” being whatever small step I can take to actually engage with the gift, have a relationship with it, take part in it…without worrying if I’m doing it “right.” At the recommendation of a friend I started reading the book “The One Thing” by Gary Keller and even though the book is geared more toward attainment of professional goals (which isn’t how I would describe my goal) the suggestions have been helpful. I can’t do it all at once, but I can do one thing to start the domino chain moving and to make myself available to the big “what if.”

I keep focusing also on motivating words about dreams and courage, faith and optimism. (You would see some of these if you were to follow us Facebook. hint hint.) What is the point of having a dream if you only look at it from the distance? Time flies by and before you know it you are still just dreaming like you were 5 years ago. I do think it is good to follow your intuition and practice patience and temperance…I wouldn’t for instance leave my job at this point to pursue my dream full time. But when I take time aside every day (er, most days) to let myself practice this gift I learn something new every time. I also find that I feel more authentic, that I enjoy my work and family and friends more, that I am filled with a stronger determination to not settle for less than what I feel awaits me, and that I have more creativity and curiosity.

So I guess there’s not much more to say about me right now. Maybe not the most interesting blogger at the moment. Which is fine with me…there is a sweet, precious relationship being built between myself and this dream. I can’t wait to have more to share with all of you! Also, I do wonder often about all of us walking about in this world together…what dreams each of you have that are waiting to be liberated from their hypothetical state like mine is. What would happen if we all liberated them? Wouldn’t the world be better?

One of the quotes that I keep coming back to this last month is from–as cheezy as it is–the Rainbow Connection:

“I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it.

It’s something that I’m supposed to be.”

I’m tired of ignoring and doubting and thinking myself small. Yeah, I think instead I’m going to take a gamble and against all of my pragmatic, overly-cautious judgements see what might be possible with this dream. Life is too short, the world is in too much pain, and I’m too curious.

4 thoughts on “Month 6: It’s Something I’m Supposed to Be

  1. ~~~ C Wave ~~~ says:

    I love the positivity and curious adventure inherent in this post. I imagine you peeking around a great big oak tree, to see what awaits, ready to greet it! Hugs!

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