No Haste, No Waste

Waiting by TfaseeL

Waiting by TfaseeL

As we are developing, realizing our dreams and pursuing them, there can be times of deep yearning in the midst of seemingly snail-paced progress. Sometimes it is so easy to want MORE. NOW.

Someone told me once that if I were to have now everything that God had in store my head would probably explode. I think that might be true! “God only gives you what you can handle” is a quaint phrase of comfort but there is truth to that. Growth with the divine is step by step, just like every other growth that comes to mind. I think of it like a Rule of Readiness. This can feel unbearable to me at times, those times when I let me brain get all tied up into the knot of HOW and WHEN some new growth is going to happen.

It’s true that sometimes a person will have a sudden experience of growth that propels them quickly into a greater awareness, but even that is subject to the Rule of Readiness. Saul was ready to become Paul, if you will.

What then is the benefit of trying to hasten your own growth? Is there a benefit? As moments—what IS—drift past, what good does it do to have your attention on what could be? Let’s be where we are. Let’s enjoy where we are as much as we can knowing that as long as we remain available our growth is taking place.

I choose not to hasten what is developing at its own pace lest I allow the real moments of my life to be wasted. 

No Haste, No Waste

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