Speaking of Taiji…

Here is something I just encountered regarding the Taiji dolphin hunt. I thought it was worth sharing on Life As a Wave. The discussion is important and interesting and we’ve touched on it before in previous posts.

Ultimately I am wary of any black and white answers when it comes to ethics but I do recognize the prevailing hypocrisy in much of our outrage about animal abuse. It is part of why I choose to be vegan. I believe that more and more people are examining their choices and beliefs in this area. A good sign for our species!

Here is the link. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Speaking of Taiji…

  1. While I agree that no animal should be slaughtered and consumed by humans (I am also vegan), I think Japan uses this comparasin with the west to deflect some untruths.
    1. Very few people are eating dolphin and whale meat in Japan. Outside of Taiji, most Japanese people have no idea that it is even being consumed. With the mercury levels so significant in the meat, it it not being consumed often. Cove Guardians report warehouses full of stockpiled dolphin meat, not being consumed by people. They are brokering deals with pet food manufacturers and shipping the dolphin meat to be ground up into pet food within Japan.
    2. My parents are older than the dolphin drives in Taiji. How is that cultural tradition? I think they started the drives in 1969 in response to “Flipper’s” success on western TV. Marine parks began popping up internationally and Taiji, who is fortunate enough to be home to many migrating whales and dolphins, capitalized on this new trend and their prime location to catch dolphins. Japan continues to use the excuse of this being their ‘culture’ to scare people away from the issue. It’s like religion – most people are scared to touch such a ‘sensitive’ issue.
    3. Unlike managing “livestock”, there is no way for Japan to accurately know how sustainable their whaling and dolphins slaughters are. The ocean is not finite and because Japan has overfished the oceans around the coutnry to supply every sushi restaruant both nationally and internationally with all you can eat buffet options, they are starting to realize this. Ric O’Barry from Save Japan Dolphins has spoken at length with the Wakayama Prefecture Fisheries Department who have told him, point blank, “this is about pest control.” They are killing the dolphins because dolphins eat squid, tuna, sea urchins, and everything else edible from the ocean to supply the sushi industry.

    I love this post because it really made me think about, and consider this issue. Thanks for the food for thought! : )

    • My pleasure! Thank YOU for sharing your perspectives and knowledge. I fully agree with you. And I would add that there is a crucial turning point coming in our world in conjunction with economic, environmental, and societal crises that will require us to be deeply mindful of and intentional in our relation to all creatures if we are going to remain here.

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