One More For Marine Life


Here is a quote from a recent petition you can find on

Two wild orcas have been captured by Russian hunters, and are on their way to be displayed in a dolphinarium at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

White Sphere, the Russian company behind this, are just looking to make a fast buck from the tourists who will be descending on to Sochi during the Games. All at the expense of these beautiful creatures who have been stolen from their ocean home.

The mammals, which can grow up to 22ft long and swim 100 miles a day, are set to be kept in a “small concrete tank” after a 4,614-mile flight from the far east of Russia. Animal experts say that transporting orcas causes them stress, that keeping them in ­captivity shortens their life and can even turn them “psychotic”.

You can sign the petition here:


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4 thoughts on “One More For Marine Life

  1. heyata ina says:

    Shared on Facebook.
    Thank you for posting about this, which is nothing short of torture and inhumanity.
    Readers, it literally takes about two minutes of your time to sign the petition…. Can you give these orcas two minutes worth of respect to sign on? Please do.

  2. heyata ina says:

    I just today found this other petition to the IOC ~ International Olympics Committee ~ to halt the display AND RETURN THE ORCAS to their sea home and their pod family. There is language at this petition link taken from the IOC bylaws about preserving the environment and making the world a better place. Please sign here, too, readers!

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