As Much As I Can Summon

“Whatever may be the tensions and the stresses of a particular day, there is always lurking close at hand the trailing beauty of forgotten joy or unremembered peace.” 
― Howard Thurman, Meditations of the Heart

This is going out to those of you who might be going through a challenging couple of days.

I know that there are those individuals in my own life with whom I share a connection that befuddles my understanding in terms of the synchronicities that we have in our spiritual journeys. The synchronicities make me believe a little more easily that perhaps the moon, the stars, God, the butterfly effect–whatever it might be might truly be causing a certain atmosphere to be manifest and that those of us who think we are just experiencing some really “bad days” might actually be riding a purposeful wave of cosmic and/or divine change that is beyond us.

Not that I know what to do with that. I just can entertain that possibility more…the alternative being more about random moods, inconsistent perspectives about very important things, and in the end not much purpose to it all. In the latter scenario I fear that, in the middle of a low time, I could wreak havoc on the beautiful things that are being built in my life like relationships and new healthy practices and the pursuit of dreams. In the former there is always the hope that the bigger purpose is GOOD and that if I persevere that good will prevail.

And so over the years it has given me gradually more and more comfort to think that perhaps I am not so alone in my low times, but am actually experiencing something that is being shared by many of us as we represent a larger “body.” It has also taught me to try and turn my attention away from myself during my low times if I can and to place my inner attention on others that might be going through something of similar spiritual character. 

On that note, I turn to any of you who have experienced something in the last few days like I have.  A confusing resurgence of old fears and negative mindsets. Less hope and more negativity. A feeling of disconnect. I’m thoroughly aware of the tangible circumstances that have caused this for me, but what is perplexing is the strength of these things and the seemingly insurmountable load of them.

That is why I look around from under the brick pile of all this negativity and peer to and fro to see if any of you are under your own pile right now too.

There’s a good chance that one of you is. So to you, I am here too! Get those bricks off if you can, but otherwise hang in there under your pile and remember that the bricks aren’t going to be there forever. They aren’t really you but are something that you are experiencing for some reason right now. Try to believe that..what you believe about your circumstances becomes your reality. There is goodness on your side and there is a “body” of which you are a part that couldn’t function without you.

I speak these things to you because I am unable to speak them to myself right now. Or I should say, I can’t “hear” them right now. But if we really are one then maybe I can share in your upliftment and perseverence.

That is as much positivity as I can summon right now and it is for you, whoever you are! Tomorrow is our new day!

~~~S Wave~~~

7 thoughts on “As Much As I Can Summon

  1. After this great wave came crashing into my life I looked up at the starry night and could feel this body of people, all awakened….I didn’t even know what it was I had at the time, but I could feel this certainty about what I was picking up on. I had at the time a sense this energy of awakening was like a tide that would grow. Over the years, I found that this was indeed the case. This was spreading, growing, a new kind of age was upon us….bubbling up all around us. Certainly it is a body just as you say, a vast network…and it is dynamic…a give and take. So what I do is I ask myself what the block is because it is now being mirrored in me as well as perceived as being in others “out there” and what I know is it is merely because it is in me that I am aware of it. What do I need to do to open up the channels in me? In doing so, I think, I know, it softens the path for others with similar issues….whatever they are. Look into the healing practice Ho’oponopo and Hew Lin….this I think will give you a most interesting perspective on what is within that is without…reflected…and how we can heal it.

  2. What a wonderful and unexpected comment. I don’t know how you came across Life As a Wave, but I greatly appreciate your presence! I will look into the Ho’oponopo and Hew Lin traditions that you recommended. Thank you for sharing and please stay connected!

  3. It is so strange how we can often help others in trouble, to see through the trees, but cannot do the same for ourselves. Maybe that’s why we’re not hardwired to be hermits. Thanks for the wise words.

    • It’d true, Barb! But at least once we REALIZE that it is a hard thing to do we can turn to others and get the reminders we need. Thank goodness for those that do that for us.

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