“May” We Speak the Possible


Food for thought. Are your prayers reflecting a mindset of lack or a mindset of resource? Do you pray, “Please give me joy for I have none.”? Or do you pray, “Thank you for the joy that I know is alive within me. Let it shine through today even if I cannot feel it in this moment.”?

If you verbalize lack then lack is what you are giving life to. When I focus my words on the negative, even within the intention of prayer, it is like taking a highlighter to text. The negative receives the attention just like the text receives the attention. What will we highlight today?

To celebrate this new month and a new dedication to verbalizing possibility and the good truths of Life, here are some words that I claim for us all:

MAY we speak words of wholeness, resource, and purpose.

MAY we believe in the power of our body to heal itself to its greatest potential.

MAY we recognize the unique, beautiful light that is in each and every other person that we meet.

MAY we bring light and positivity with us wherever we go. The true fragrance of Christ.

MAY we take steps this month toward our highest calling, on which the world waits.

Happy May everyone!!

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