Kermit, Osho and Cherry Blossoms for a Birthday

images-2Kermit is so wise. While I was recently watching him portray Bob Cratchit in the holiday hit, “The Muppet Christmas Carol,” I was struck by one of his lines:

Life is made up of meetings and partings; that is the way of it.

Or at least that is the way it seems, isn’t it?

Today is my birthday. It has been raining in Los Angeles this week which has been beautiful and refreshing. And as I began to ruminate on the past year of life, I embraced this rain as a washing away of the mistakes and challenges and heartbreaks. What is left standing, strongly rooted, are the moments of love, learning, and redemption. Thank god for those things.

Yes, I think we meet and we part. We meet a new part of ourselves we have never understood or acknowledged; we must part with a familiar inner-me which no longer serve us. We meet a new person brought into our life for a purpose (aren’t they all?); we must part with someone else. We meet a long-sought dream as it begins finally to manifest in our lives; we must part with dreams that are no longer meant to be.

So much pull and push. Yin and Yang. Struggle and growth. Like chicks wrestling to get free from the only reality they have ever known, we keep working toward the next level of our own personal evolution. Whether we know it or not, that is what we are doing. Life is always conspiring to keep us going toward the best us we can be with the time we have. We just get caught up in old things that keep us from being, doing, and having what we need.

What worn-out shticks are blinding you to the blessings that life is conspiring to give you?

– Rob Breszny

What’s my point?

It’s my birthday and I’m not sure I have a specific point and I’m not sure where Kermit fits in, but it’s my birthday so I’m gonna let incoherence rule just this once.

I guess I think that the meetings and the partings, all of that which seems like the struggle, is for our good if we accept it as that. If we believe in interconnection at all the levels we have talked about here on Life As a Wave, then NOTHING is ever really parted with, NOTHING is ever really met except at our most simplistic level of awareness. It all exists at once and IS one. And that One is GOOD. Always good, always.

Yeah, I don’t really understand it all either. I haven’t “met” that level of my own understanding yet. 😉

But I can confidently say that I will let myself take comfort in my firm belief that all the aforementioned mistakes and challenges and heartbreaks of my last year of life were FOR GOOD. Maybe I don’t need to let this L.A. rain wash them away after all. Maybe I will choose a different metaphor….I will let this rain irrigate my life and all the GOOD SEEDS that were planted in my life with every mistake I admitted, every challenge I met, and every 1924833_10152849959783908_6217519216850494870_nheartbreak I endured.

And voila, now that I’ve let the good things be good, and added the “bad” things to the good as well, it’s all good!

It’s not always that easy of course…it’s just easy to write. And the idea that we are the only ones responsible for our experience of happiness or suffering can be a hard pill to swallow and can sure rile up some defensive parts in us. “Screw you, Osho! You don’t know what I’ve been through!”  Oh my.

But what is the alternative? To believe that we are at the whim of experiences and chance? To believe that if we are good enough we will be blessed more than someone else might be? As much as I hate to say it sometimes and with an emphasis on NOT using this to shame or embarrass anyone else, I do think that we create our experience. But the “choosing” to be happy can be one of the hardest assignments ever…could take a lifetime in fact.

With all that, I am choosing the irrigation, not the cleansing flood. I am waiting with expectation to see what blossoms in this next year of life. It’s going to be another zinger I’m sure!

landscapes cherry blossoms flowers bridges pink flowers 2800x1750 wallpaper_wallpaperbeautiful_10


A HUGE thank you to all the Life As a Wave friends out there all over the world. I appreciate colliding with you in this weird cyber way that we do. It makes my life happier!

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Remember to keep seeing the good. No matter how impossible it might seem.

My Birthday Love to You!

~~~S Wave~~~

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