Untethered Soul: Chapter 5

The most important thing in life is your inner energy.

The Untethered Soul

Welcome back to Life As a Wave’s series on The Untethered Soul, by Michael Singer. I took a little hiatus since the holidays, so to catch up on the first four chapters, visit my Untethered Soul Series category to the left. In a nutshell, the first three chapters compose Part 1, which introduced you to your inner self, your seat of witness, the place where you can find the “real you.” Now that you’ve realized that you really are pure consciousness or awareness, Singer takes us to Part 2 called, Experiencing Energy.

Chapter 5, Infinite Energy, is a crash course on what this “energy” is that he refers to throughout Part 2. Now I assume that many Life As a Wave readers have at least a basic understanding of the idea of energy. Singer explains that this is the Spirit, Shakti, Chi that people across many ages have recognized, often associating this energy with various energy centers or patterns in the body. You may very well have recognized this energy as you did the exercises from the previous chapters. When you feel inner rejuvenation, optimism, peace — the kind that seems to come from something bigger than you — you are experiencing this energy.

All the great spiritual traditions talk about your spiritual energy; they just give it different names. That spiritual energy is what you’re experiencing when love rushes up into your heat. That is what you’re experiencing when you’re enthused by something and all this high energy comes up inside of you.

To be clear, we are not talking about energy in the sense of high or low energy that we might feel throughout the day depending on our rest or caffeine intake. That is outer energy, physical energy. Singer describes the energy in question as inner energy and suggests that each of us has the ability to allow it to flow or to be blocked.

For instance, if you choose to worry about the future, fear an immediate situation, or dwell in anger about the past, then you are blocking this good energy. Or, you can allow it to flow. Singer says, “True spiritual teachings are about this energy and how to open it.”


The author goes on to address your question, “How do I keep this energy open and flowing?” His beginning answer is, “Choose to.” The control to stay open, he says, is within your power at all times. It just takes practice to do so.

Any time you start to close, ask yourself whether you really want to cut off the energy flow. Because if you want, you can learn to stay open no matter what happens in this world. You just make a commitment to explore your capacity for receiving unlimited energy. You simply decide not to close.

Don’t be too distracted, wonderful humans, by the words “just” and “simply” in that quote. I’ll admit they kind of rubbed me the wrong way as someone who has dealt with serious anxiety and deep sadness over the years. I’ve had to make a colossal effort to shift much of my thinking and believing and I still face emotional hurdles that seem insurmountable from time to time. So I do think that for many people, “simply decid(ing)” to not close the flow of positive, spiritual energy implies a remarkable task that challenges deeply-engrained defenses and habits.

Nevertheless, I do still believe that Singer’s call to choose openness is a worthy undertaking. And in his defense, Singer will touch on the power of habits and beliefs in the next chapter. I also do fully agree when Singer says that it is this energy that, when given more room to flow through us, also begins to flow out of us.

All these energy centers open, and a tremendous amount of energy starts flowing out of you. What is more, the energy affects other people. People can pick up on your energy, and you’re feeding them with this flow. If you are willing to open even more, it never stops. You become a source of light for all those around you.

So how do we stay open? More details to come in the following chapters. But the first step is to start choosing…especially when you would normally choose to close.

When your heart starts to close, just say, “No. I’m not going to close. I’m going to relax. I’m going to let this situation take place and be there with it.” Honor and respect the situation, and deal with it. By all means deal with it. Do the best you can. But deal with it with openness. Deal with it with excitement and enthusiasm. No matter what it is, just let it be the sport of the day. In time, you will find that you forget how to close.

Let’s begin to play with opening and closing this week. Can you notice when you close up in a moment of fear or offense? Can you connect to your Inner Self first and allow yourself to be open to the situation? I’m going to try more. And just a hint from ~~~S Wave~~~, for what it’s worth, when I’m scared I sometimes remind myself of my eternal nature and inwardly say, “This can not hurt you.”

In the next installment, we’ll see how resisting and clinging can interfere with our ability to be open. Stay tuned!


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