Hello friends!

On this day of love I am so excited to share with you my latest life adventure which is described on a new Life As a Wave page here. The adventure is the official announcement of my energy- and consciousness-based support services, Healing Life Insights.

This has all been in the works for a while now. As hard-core followers will know, I have felt called to this specific work for a long time. HLI is the result of many years–two decades now– of fascination of, devotion to, and exploration of all things freeing, empowering, and happifying (yes, that’s a word). This has been one of my greatest joys and a way that I find the assurance of love in life. Find out more on the page!

Life As a Wave has been a big part of that journey, a place where I could apply and share the things I have learned or just ruminate on them with you. It has been a place where I have learned from all of YOU as well. And so, because this blog has been such a place of healing for ME, I want to extend that healing back to each of you: When you sign up for a HLI session, just mention that you are a Life As a Wave reader and get a 20% discount in all sessions you ever have with me. Hmm…this may be a good Valentine’s Day present for someone. *wink* Visit the page to find out how to start the process.

I look forward to sharing this experience with you. May we all keep walking toward our deepest callings and loves.

In gratitude,

~~~S Wave~~~

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