Shirley the Elephant – “Free at Last”

I don’t cry easily at things I watch, but I dare you to not cry while you watch this:

I want to say “thank you,” to Solomon James, wherever you are, for being the one and only saving grace that Shirley had for so many years. You are the kind of soul this world needs more of. Bless you.

4 thoughts on “Shirley the Elephant – “Free at Last”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Enchanting, and free! I took your dare, and I couldn’t do it. 🙂
    Ditto regarding Solomon … what a gem of a human being.

  2. strongernow says:

    I have seen this clip before. It always makes me cry! Happy Tears!! There is wonder and good out there in the world. Solomon is the kind of being that reaffirms your faith that this is a good, friendly world!

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