The purpose… This blog is intended to encourage, challenge, inspire, and occasionally to stir up. Here you will find a narrative of authentic inquiry as it is unfolding in real life, and you will acquire resources to help you consider your own life as a wave. I am not here to preach, or even teach, but to demonstrate the queries and discoveries of a person who is searching for greater understanding of one concept: Connection. You, reader, are part of the interconnections that intrigue me. Just by your click, we have begun an exchange with each other. Who knows in what wonderful directions that exchange may lead.

What I believe… My abiding message is that every life has the potential to contribute to the making of a better world. That means you, you, and YOU. I believe that there is no such thing as a small step. When you set your mind on a purpose grounded in the kinds of tenets found in all the world’s major religions—compassion, self-awareness, love, charity, gentleness, faith, enlightenment—and take steps toward that vision, those steps are never small and transformation happens. I believe in layers of connection that deserve our acknowledgement and respond to our open and non-judgemental attention with greater happiness and fulfillment.  I perceive these layers as innerconnection, interconnection, global connection and cosmic connection.

What I am not… I am not a religious representative. I am not corporately motivated. I am not a professional writer.  I am not homogenous. I am not a superheroe.

What I am… Spirit and flesh, teacher and student, professional and amateur, sojourner and homesteader, artist, healer, voter, vegan.

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.” –Walt Whitman

What I invite… I am not just writing for myself. I want to know your story as well. Please introduce yourself! Tell us about yourself in a comment. Share a thought or a question that our posts have brought to your mind. Share a link with us. We welcome you and look forward to connecting.

22 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. Great Blog! I look around and the atmosphere is comforting and sharing 🙂
    Keep it up and have fun! I love the San Francisco Doors… it made me think more deeply hehehe 🙂 See you around dear! and thanks for your visit in my world!

    • Hey Dolly. Thanks for the encouragement. Your blog was fun to peruse last night. It’s clear that you are having a blast doing it. Come back for more visits and I’ll do the same!

  2. David says:

    “every life has the potential to contribute to the making of a better world.” Couldn’t have said it better myself! Thanks for following my blog.

  3. Dolly,
    Thanks for “liking” the blog. I plan to visit here again. Also, I practice a form of dancing yoga/meditation called “The Wave,” a.k.a.5Rhtyms, I wonder have you heard of it?
    Come visit again soon,

    • Hello Judy,

      I haven’t heard of The Wave but now I’ll look into it! I love encountering new yoga and meditation techniques. Looking forward to staying in touch with you.

      ~~~S Wave~~~

      p.s. – I don’t know where you got the inspiration for the name Dolly, but I like it and you are welcome to call me that anytime. 😉

  4. Hello. My name is Ryan and I began blogging about 4 months ago. I was astonished by what people were sharing that I started http://carlaban.org/ to help promote bloggers. I believe more people can benefit from what bloggers were saying.

    My spiritual yearning began at a young age as I always felt that Jesus knew what he was talking about and so his teachings were what I kept reminding myself of. I also delved into yoga and meditation until finally making a true connection with A Course In Miracles.

    And that’s pretty much it. :o)

    • Hi Ryan. It is great to have your presence here. Welcome to the world of blogging. We have been here for about a year and a half. It IS fascinating to see what people are sharing as well as to ponder why or why not, as a writer, I share what I do. I look forward to staying connected. Your new enterprise sounds very promising. I wish you well with it and hope to follow it as it develops.
      ~~~S Wave~~~

  5. Glad to come here. Your thoughts have voiced my silent dreams which were blooming just in my artworks. While reading your blog I as if signed my thoughts and thus enabled the light to overcome the darkness/loneliness of my “I”. The depth of the steps we leave in life depends not on our weight but Love to next to us.
    I wish to gift you all my works. The original artwork starts each my post – please browse through my archives, please revive the colors – let the pictures flow like the waves.

  6. Marie Taylor says:

    Thanks for the follow on Sacred Self. I hope you will find the text and poetry an inspiration to your path.

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