Healing Life Insights

I’m thrilled to finally give a public introduction of Healing Life Insights here on Life As a Wave!

As you may know, Life As a Wave was born in 2011 with the purpose of exploring interconnection and general ideas of compassion and gratitude. Little did I know that the reading and contemplation that Life As a Wave inspired would motivate me to form a new path of work in my life. I began studying chakra theories, Integrative Energy Therapy, Reiki, and pranic healing techniques. Now I’ve taken what I’ve known to be a gift and a joyful task (that of spiritual ministration and support for others) and have shaped it into a service called Healing Life Insights.

I’ve been practicing this service since August of 2014, working with friends, family, and a few newcomers who have desired understanding or healing for some area of their life. These services are intuition-based and restorative, with an intention to provide insight into the person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Before I go into more detail, a quick look at intuition. When I use the word intuition, I mean “gut feeling” but also much,tumblr_m5nt431tnc1rrjoxio1_250 much more than that. I believe that our consciousness is quite expansive and that our intuition can guide us through an exploration of that expanse. I don’t believe there is anything magical about intuition, instead I think of it like a sense that we all have but are not aware of. Our intuition can take us to places that are not confined by time and space, where information is available and changes can be accomplished through loving intention and focus. You probably have had experiences like this, in which you feel a truly effectual power to your prayers or where your meditation takes you on a journey to new levels of knowledge.

As I work more with people I realize that my intuitive support can truly be used to help others with physical, emotional, and mental obstacles. My consciousness can help their consciousness. The hour-long distance or in-person sessions that we have together are always surprising and never boring! The reward for me is an ever-evolving understanding of consciousness, intuition, and our inherent interconnection with one another. The benefits for my clients are emotional peace, deeper self-awareness and self-love, and physical well-being. My goal, always, is to help people grow as free, spiritual beings.

Let me provide a snapshot of how a session works. Every session includes a portion of prayer/affirmation. I always begin with a non-denominational prayer of celebration for the life of the person I am meeting with. I powerfully affirm that they are a unique expression of Life and that they are here for much more than a humdrum, get-through-the-day kind of existence.

Sessions may also include energy work. Energy work entails the application or release of energy in relation to various energy centers and/or body parts to heal and balance the physical and vital bodies. Sometimes this resembles Reiki in that I simply allow the energy to flow without exactly knowing why it is needed; sometimes I sense specific instructions as to where and/or why the energy is needed. Often my technique provides energy to specific, deep anatomical points. During these times I am swept away in love and closeness to a person’s very cells and molecules. Sometimes the energy is more chakra-focused during which energy is needed in particular energy centers that follow the traditional chakra theories. MEDITATION_770-1397133221These theories associate the energy centers with certain parts of our emotional or functional lives.

Lastly, sessions may include “life insights,” which is my term for describing impressions, images, and feeling tones that I sometimes see in relation to a person’s life. These are often symbolic in nature and vivid in detail, like dreams but much more. The meaning greatly depends on the other person’s interpretation, although I often will have an understanding of what it is meant to impart. Of course I will share all of these details. This portion is sometimes the richest and most potent of the session, hence my work’s namesake.

I never know exactly how a session will go because I am guided by, you guessed it, intuition. However, I do consider it an honor every time to be able to offer my support to people looking for restoration and freedom…of many kinds. A good indicator that you might benefit from Healing Life Insights is if any of these statements resonate with you:

  • I’m feeling discontent with my work.
  • I wish I could control my emotions.
  • I seem to keep getting sick.
  • I’m really tired of this recurring malady.
  • I wish this relationship was healthier.
  • It seems like I’m always anxious…I just want peace!
  • I know I’m here to do more but I don’t know what or how.
  • I want to change my life.

Life can be much more than we sometimes feel or see. We are the artists that co-create our experiences. What kind of art are you creating? Let’s explore this together. Please email me at healinglifeinsights@gmail.com to set up a free phone consultation and get started!

With love,



Simone has been working with me in clarifying certain aspects of my being in the emotional, physical, and spiritual areas. The body work has proved very beneficial and the energy work has been both uplifting and affirming in my mental and spiritual life. She has helped me to see the connectedness of all these “parts” of me, and has given me a strong platform for maintaining a good balance as I go about my daily routines. Thank you, Healing Life Insights!

– Client from Illinois

Simone’s sessions leave a ripple effect on the general routine of my day.  For example, she might notice something during the session and make a small suggestion that comes to me later, at just the right moment – a small rearranging of my home, or an awareness of a certain part of my body.   Her sessions helps me check in with myself more often. I feel that Simone listens deeply to the core of me and really hears what it’s saying or asking for.  Finally, her ability to communicate what she’s just experienced in a session is very strong.  I recommend her highly!

– Client from Los Angeles

3 thoughts on “Healing Life Insights

  1. Elizabeth Frame says:

    Congratulations on this big step. You will help many people and in so doing “you” will, with your wonderful skills, hone a perfection that will be appreciated by many.

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