Untethered Soul, Chapter 8

If you’ve been reading The Untethered Soul, or at least these chapter summaries, you know now that you are not your name, age, or profession. You know that you are an inner witness to all that happens around and in you. You also know that experiences can become held inside of you, leading to reactions of either avoidance or grasping.

In the last chapter, the book’s author, Michael A. Singer, suggested that it’s possible to “transcend the tendency to close” when inner fears get triggered. Now, with Chapter 8 called Let Go Now or Fall, we go deeper into how to transcend. This chapter launches the next unit of the book called, Freeing Yourself. And the key word in this chapter title is, “now.” You’ll see why.

Singer says that by trying to control life, based on how we think it should go for us, we think we are protecting ourselves, but that what we are really doing is creating fears.

If you attempt to arrange people, places, and things so they don’t disturb you, it will begin to feel like life is against you. … You will feel that anyone, at any moment, could cause you disturbance. … That makes life a threat. That’s why you have to worry so much. … You’re either trying to figure out how to keep things from happening, or you’re trying to figure out what to do because they did happen. …How did we come up with the notion that life is not okay just the way it is, or that it won’t be okay the way it will be?

Instead, what if we can live without fear and just let life be what it is. Live without fear?? That seems unlikely. But what would it be like? Just imagine. No fear of money problems. No feel of being abandoned. No fear of failure. No fear of safety.

Singer says we’re hanging onto our “stuff” (our blockages, fears, etc.) and when something happens that triggers that stuff we get thrown into a tailspin. He says you have to LET IT GO IMMEDIATELY, because it’s harder to do it later. If you get sucked down into the energy of disturbance, it is through the “haze of your disturbance” that you will see things and try to handle things.  You lose control because you got pulled away from your seat of consciousness, which is where the freedom is. Now you’re in your survival instincts…again, how to protect my “stuff” from getting triggered again. And over and over we are in this cycle.

Singer paints a pretty bleak picture of what it’s like when we act from this lower energy once we’ve been triggered. We listen to our survival instincts to tell someone off, quit our job, drink a little more, whatever it might be. Other people are impacted and then THEIR stuff gets triggered. We take the energy of our own blockages and we pass it on to others. (Not very zen of us.) The negative energy we put out now has to come back in kind. We are weakened and MORE stuff gets triggered more easily. Etc, etc.

What if all you had to do to avoid all of this was to let go in the beginning?

Fair question.

Singer says when a blockage gets hit, it’s a GOOD thing. Because it’s time to let go IMMEDIATELY and get some purification!

It’s time to open up internally and release the blocked energy. If you let go, and permit the purification process to take place inside, that blocked energy will be released. When it’s released and allowed to flow up, it becomes purified … then strengthens you instead of weakening you.

Again, this takes practice.

Just turn your eyes upward and relax your heart. You do not have to leave the seat of Self in order to deal with the darkness. … Getting involved in the darkness does not dispel darkness; it feeds it. … No matter what goes on below you, open your heart and let it go. Your heart will become purified, and you will never know another fall. … let all of your blockages and disturbances become the fuel for the journey. That which is holding you down can become a powerful force that raises you up.

Readers, if you’re like me, this sounds like just what the doctor ordered, but it also sounds pretty daunting. For the rest of the week, I’m going to go for it. It’s going to be a challenge for us…maybe with certain relatives, maybe at work, maybe with kids or with pets, definitely in traffic! But isn’t it worth it to try and see what happens?

I hope that this week finds you freer than the last! Go for it!!

With faith in you and your inner Self,




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How People Became Trees


by Junie Nguyen

The other day, my 4-year-old niece noted, rather out of the blue, that trees just stand there when they’re in your way. “They just won’t listen!” she said.

Of course my sister and I agreed that this was true. Haven’t you found it to be so? We all had a conversation then about how the tree is just being a tree. It’s doing it’s best at what it does and really it’s not doing anything right or wrong. It’s just being a tree. We all came to a consensus that trees are pretty great after all, despite they’re stubbornness of being. None of us, least of all my niece, would want them to be anything else, even if they do sometimes get in your way while you’re walking.

Little by little the conversation branched out beyond the world of trees to the world of people. Could it be that people, when doing something you don’t like, are just being people much like the tree that is just being a tree? Maybe they’re just doing their best. Maybe they’re not doing anything right or wrong really, despite how it might feel or look to us. After all, can’t we agree that every–every–person is really pretty great? Would you really want someone to not be himself, even though who he is is sometimes an inconvenience to you?

A few hours later, while we found ourselves driving in the insanity of L.A. traffic, a driver cut through a few neighboring lanes and into ours requiring my sister to slam on the brakes. She and I, fuming, had to stop ourselves from namecalling and instead I shrugged and said, “Eh, he was really being a tree there.” Just doing the best he can…doing what he does…being who he is.

Soon, we were all quipping things like, “Well, she is just being a tree I guess,” “We’re all just trees after all,” and sometimes the less enlightened, “Arg, what a tree.”

It’s not perfect perhaps, but there is a measure of forgiveness in our new metaphor that makes quite a bit of difference. And it has made freeway driving a whole lot easier.

I think I’ll keep trying to let people be trees.


Generate the Antidote

“As human beings we have a significant responsibility in this time. It is to relate to those patterns in ourselves that lead to fear, doubt, and aggression in such a way that they are transmuted. Our purpose is to realize Peacekeeper mind, a wholeness of mind in which patterns of conflict, separation, scarcity come to balance. With a heartiness, those patterns are transmuted. You never deny what is, but simply acknowledge,”Oh, that feeling is there.” Is it really you? No, it is feeling arising from emotion. Generate the antidote.”
-Dhyano Yeahoo, Voices of Our Ancestors

A Reblog: Healthy Friendship, Undistorted Mirrors, and Spiritual Growth

As I continue to set my thoughts and intentions on Friendship Connections this month, I have stumbled upon some very important lessons and reminders about this very topic. (Stumbled upon, or opened my eyes to see? hmmm.)

Here is what I stumbled upon today. I thought that many of my Life As a Wave readers would appreciate it too.

Healthy Friendship, Undistorted Mirrors, and Spiritual Growth.


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