Cut-Throughs and Corridors

“It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.”
― The Bhagavad Gita

I recently had the pleasure of exploring Princeton, New Jersey. One of the most charming parts of that town is the number of “cut-throughs and corridors” as my friend and designated tour guide called them. Small pathways with cobblestone paving seemed to appear between buildings and around corners at every turn. They helped make our cold wanderings much more comfortable since they served as shortcuts to our destinations. Quaint shops were also tucked away inside many of these passages making them not just convenient but intriguing.

This same trip taught me something else about shortcuts, shortcuts in life specifically: sometimes they can be hard to pass up! In Princeton I met with someone who offered me an opportunity that would appear to be a direct route to many of my dreams. However, heeding the unease in my spirit, I knew upon my return to California that this particular route isn’t meant for me at this time.

The experience of releasing that opportunity was instructive. The path to my dreams is going to be lit by faith, paved with trial and error, and sheltered by words of encouragement and insight that arrive just when they are needed.

That is something I have known in my heart for a while and the idea of a cut-through that would preclude the lessons I need along the way doesn’t resonate. In an odd way I can embrace the challenge of the path before me even more now that I have seen and released an easier way.

Whatever your path looks like, I wish you clear vision to guide you onward!

Month 4: Rise & Whine Becomes Rise & Shine

“The alarm in the morning? Well, I have an old tape of Carlo Maria Giulini conducting the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in a perfectly transcendent version in Shubert’s seventh symphony. And I’ve rigged it up so that at exactly 7:30 every morning it falls from the ceiling onto my face.”
― Stephen Fry

I asked a friend who is searching for a passion-producing career the obvious question, “Well what do you love doing?” One of the first things on his list was: Sleeping.

Fair enough.

I love sleeping too! I wish I could get 9 hours of sleep a night while also being able to be a night owl since I’m so productive in the evenings and be able to rise early to enjoy the dawning of a new day without the pressure to rush into it. Alas, that hasn’t worked out for me. I inevitable and invariably snooze and burrow under the covers until the very last minute possible.

So, dear readers, this new month brings me to a new intention on my Here I Am journey. I don’t believe in the myth of the early bird, but I do know that I will be closer to my best me if I begin my day with some calm, centering activities instead of rushing off to work. And don’t forget, approaching your best you means the betterment of your life, of the lives of those in your sphere, and of the world at large. That is not hyperbole! It is true! After this past month of amazing spiritual growth and elevation which continues and will remain, I am eager to bring healing and balance to every part of my life where malaise or imbalance exist. I want to get in there and get it worked out!  So for this month I’m letting “rise and whine” become “rise and shine!”


Getting out of bed earlier than I have to…this is a monumental feat of will and focus!! That is also not hyperbole! Okay, maybe a little. It is HARD for me though. Like my friend, I LOVE sleep. But let’s not be naive…it isn’t just that I love sleep. There are other reasons I have a hard time getting up. Most of them related to stress, anxiety, and worry that I allow to live in me. It takes me a while to fall asleep because of thinking about the next day. I have very vivid and VERY stressful dreams that leave me feeling like I’ve been working overtime by the time I wake up. Then I arise and almost instantly feel stressed about something awaiting me in my day. That all sounds awful doesn’t it?! It’s hard for me to even believe that is me when I see it written.

The good news is that for the last month, I have politely escorted stress and worry out of my mind and soul one room at a time. It feels amazing to fall asleep soundly and to wake up with more joy and excitement for the day than I am used to. I still have very stressful dreams and I’m not sure what to do about that yet, but two out of three isn’t bad!

Despite these great changes, I STILL have a hard time opening my eyes when that alarm goes off. I still feel like I need a nap after all those frenetic dreams. So, knowing how hard this month would be, I decided that I better make a calendar for myself to help me along. Remember, there is no guilt in Here I Am…just curiosity, compassion, attention, and intention. This is NOT a calendar for gold stars; it IS a “calendar of perspective” to help me see and grasp how few days really make up a month, how far I’ve come, and that the world won’t end if one day passes without a perfect performance. The next day and its fresh start will dawn.

April Calendar

I won’t lie. The first two days of the month I slept right through that snooze button and right through my intention to get up early to have Me time. But yesterday came, April the 3rd, and TA-DA! I was up. I was meditating. I was stretching out. I was sipping a cup of coffee. It felt marvelous. (Interestingly, the night before I did an energy clearing meditation with mudras which is supposed to help you sleep.) Now I’m looking forward to discovering what lies ahead for me in these morning hours. I feel like I’ve discovered a whole new part of the day that I had forgotten even existed. Good morning, sunshine!


I don’t know if any of you are still doing your Here I Am intentions, but if you are then I connect with you now…from my heart to yours…and send you positivity and energy to propel you onward.

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If Edison can keep on…..






Wise words for today.

Whatever it is that you might be striving for, trying for, vying or or dying for….

Whatever it is that you’ve been dreaming of and feel that longing for in your spirit….

Keep moving on toward it!!

Find a different road to draw closer to it.

Try a different angle or a completely different lens to look at it.

Tell yourself the encouraging words that you know you would give to your closest friend if the shoe were on the other foot.

Write it down….paint it….sculpt it….sing it.

And remember…..always…..that you “have come into being by the collective power of the entire universe.” If the most minuscule event had happened differently, you wouldn’t be here. Give thanks that you are here and believe that you belong.



With love,

~~~S Wave~~~