Sacred Present

“Talk happiness; talk faith; talk health. Say you are well, and all is well with you, and God shall hear your words and make them true.” –Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I recently encountered a site called Consciousness Playground, created by Wendy Down, a life coach in Ontario. So far it seems like an interesting place to explore modalities for exploration in consciousness.

One thing that caught my attention as I as perusing the site was Ms. Down’s use of a one-word theme to usher in the New Year. Her 2012 word was GIVE, her 2013 word (okay, 2 words) was THANK YOU, and now for 2014 her word is REINVENT. I love it!

I can confidently say that Ms. Down seems to be one of many who are approaching 2014 with a sense of reinvention, if not a specific driven intention to reinvent themselves. Or, as I would phrase it, allowing reinvention to take place in their lives. This reinvention pattern that I have been seeing is more than New Year resolutions. Many people have crossed my path who seem to be opening themselves up to something inside them that feels like it needs to “express itself.” They have shared a feeling of “bubbling up” in them, of wanting to be more “authentic,” and to speak what they “really want.” They want to embrace whatever that inner calling is!

Ms. Down is also not alone in adopting a word or phrase for the year ahead. A relative of mine recently shared that she had also chosen a word for 2014 based on where she sees her life with her family heading and what she most wishes for that journey.

If there really is a time of reinvention into which we have entered, I welcome it! It resonates with my own life the past few months as I have opened myself up to new paths and possibilities and as those paths and possibilities have begun to materialize.

And my word for the year? SACRED. And…PRESENT. Can I have two? Yes, of course we can! So my phrase for the year is SACRED PRESENT. The year ahead is full of sacred experiences and opportunities and I will remain present to witness and participate in them.

What will your word or phrase be?

Whatever it might be, know that I join you in blessing your year ahead with that idea. 

Post your word in your home. Paint it, sing it, sit with it in silence. Feel it in your soul like it already is and expect to see it begin.

With love,

~~~S Wave~~~