A Reblog: Healthy Friendship, Undistorted Mirrors, and Spiritual Growth

As I continue to set my thoughts and intentions on Friendship Connections this month, I have stumbled upon some very important lessons and reminders about this very topic. (Stumbled upon, or opened my eyes to see? hmmm.)

Here is what I stumbled upon today. I thought that many of my Life As a Wave readers would appreciate it too.

Healthy Friendship, Undistorted Mirrors, and Spiritual Growth.


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Month 5: Connection

Without fear, we are able to see more clearly our connections to others.
Without fear, we have more room for understanding and compassion.
Without fear, we are truly free.
– Thich Nhat Hanh

Welcome to the midpoint of 2013! June brings all kinds of newness with school ending, weather shifting, summer’s potential blossoming, and for me it brings me to a new Here I Am intention. What is Here I Am? Good question. Even I have to remind myself of its purpose and realign myself with the intention behind it. As I defined it before, “It was an inventory of things that I would like to add or alter in my life,” and it is the journey of exploring those things one at a time.

My original Here I Am list looked like this:

My list of intentions

My list of intentions

The philosophy behind Here I Am is that it is not necessary to address these things with a heavily legalistic, reward-punishment type of approach to change but through a gentle acceptance of where you are now in life and a childlike curiosity for what it might be like to change the status quo for about a month. So far, I have contemplated and explored my physical health, a sneaky addiction, spiritual vitality, and non-snoozification.

Now it is time to pick the next intention off of my list. If you wonder how I pick them, it is based on a combination of my intuition and the signs that surround me. Together, these guideposts tell me pretty clearly what needs my attention next. And the winner for this month is….Connection!

By “connection” I don’t just mean having closer friends, although that is part of it. I also mean that I want deeper connections with friends–new and old. I want that depth to be spiritual and to serve as a vehicle for growth and good. I also want to feel a connection of love for those I don’t know and especially for those that I specifically have a hard time loving. I want to release myself–at least for this month–to trust people more and to accept my own worth to be connected TO! I want to feel more   community with like-minded people. But most of all, I want to act on my belief that these connections are made not only through my human effort, but also through the laws of attraction that draw us together. Acting on this belief means trusting and expecting that I will see new connections emerging in my life as I intentionally make myself available to them.

So off I go. Here’s to a great month of connection and as always, growth growth growth. I wish for all of you to also experience  an expansion of your own connection to others. Let’s expect together!

Be well!

~~~S Wave~~~

Emerson with your Friday? Yes, please.

The Memorial Day weekend is off to a great start! This month is now officially the most-viewed month that ~~~Life As a Wave~~~ has experienced since our grand unveiling in October. Okay…maybe not what might seem like a great many visits in a month – 531 – but enough for us to feel blessed and excited as we start this process and see where it takes us. With many of you who are now following our posts I have felt a strong togetherness in our thoughts, philosophies, and visions for ourselves and our world. It has been amazing to encounter you and we look forward to more connecting with you and growing because of you. Here is an Emerson quote that is dedicated to YOU today!! Thank you, as always, for reading. Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for being you.

~~~the Waves~~~

My friends have come to me unsought. The great God gave them to me. By oldest right, by the divine affinity of virtue with itself, I find them, or rather not I, but the Deity in me and in them derides and cancels the thick walls of individual character, relation, age, sex, circumstance, at which he usually connives, and now makes many one. High thanks I owe you, excellent lovers, who carry out the world for me to new and noble depths, and enlarge the meaning of all my thoughts.

~~~Emerson, Essay VI, Friendship