Weekend Do Good Opportunity

Want to get your mind off of yourself for a while? Then read the story off this sweet pup that some acquaintances of mine just rescued off of the streets of L.A. There has been an organized effort for the last few days by a small group of animal rescuers and animal rights activists who are trying to get this guy the help he needs.


When the found him he was clearly homeless and injured. He has scrapes and cuts all over him. They’re not sure what happened to him but once they were able to get a better look it was evident that he had an injured back hip and that he had some kind of skin problem on his genitals.

Trying to avoid involvement with Animal Control since they would surely put him down or return him to his “owner” and since he was a friendly and non-threatening dog, they figured out a way to get him into a car and to the house of one couple who has offered to keep him safe until a foster placement can be found.

In the meantime, he needs a lot of veterinarian care. An x-ray shows that he has a displaced hipbone and he has a severe skin disorder which I won’t post a picture of here.

The good news is that he is in the hands of loving people now. To read his story, you can go to http://www.swaylove.org/neglected-alhambra-pit-bull-being-saved-from-the-streets-please-help. You can see the most heartwarming video ever here: Fitzgerald’s rescue. The people working to save him need help to get him all the care he needs. In addition to vet care,:

“These funds will also be put towards his potential hospital boarding (until a suitable foster can be found), to advertise for alignment with a reputable rescue, or any other things that he may need along the way. Surgery on his hip could also be in his foreseeable future, that’s yet to be determined and really primarily depends on his new vet’s opinion.”

Can you spare $5, $20, $100 for Fitzgerald? If so, you can click on http://claritysix.chipin.com/fitzgerald-neglected-alhambra-pit-bull and make an easy donation.