Another Thanksgiving, Another Turkey

There is an interesting article in the Washington Post that is circulating and raising some interesting questions about the presidential turkey pardon that takes place every Thanksgiving.

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You can read the article HERE. It should come as no big surprise that I tend to side with the (as the author coins us) activist-minded, such as Gene Baur, who were cited in the article.

What do you think about Baur’s suggestion that people celebrate truly rescued turkeys instead of cheering the presidential pardon?  Yes, it’s clearly a self-promotion since he specifically recommends Farm Sanctuary‘s Adopt-A-Turkey Program. Nevertheless, it’s a great idea! I’ve been “adopting” a turkey for the last few years and have done the same this year. This time, I am sponsoring a turkey from The Gentle Barn, another wonderful farmed animal sanctuary. In December we will visit the barn and have the chance to meet our new gobbly friend in person

So as the president “pardons” two turkeys this week, let me introduce to you the turkey that my family and I are sponsoring this year, “New Turkey.” 😉  She is lovely and we are sponsoring her to honor her new life at the farm.

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Here’s to happy, healthy animals, human and otherwise!

~~~S Wave~~~

Plan A Cruelty-Free Thanksgiving!

Time to start the Thanksgiving meal planning! Every year more and more people are incorporating vegetarian and vegan dishes into their banquets. And why not?! It’s the time to be thankful. Why not extend some gratitude toward the animals that suffer and give their lives to be our food every other day of the year.

If you are paying attention, you probably know that the farming methods in our country have gone off the rocker and that food production has become an industrial mechanism devoid of compassion, symbiosis, or CONNECTION. Turkey “farming” is no different. Please take the time to read through this article by Ashley Capps at Free From Harm and find out more about the experience of the farmed turkey:


WARNING: Graphic content. The text offers plenty to inform and disturb you. The videos might be too much for some.


Now that you’ve read and watched that, are you ready to include some compassionate dishes into YOUR Thanksgiving meal? It’s really not that hard! For example, mash your potatoes with almond milk and Earth Balance “butter.” Ta-da! You have vegan mashed potatoes. Don’t over think it!

Here are some helpful recipes that came out this year:

1. From Forks Over Knives, here are 5 dishes that are sure to please! CLICK HERE.

2. Compassion Over Killing brings you enough recipes of classics and newcomers to fill your dinging room table and then some. CLICK HERE.

3. The Huffington Post offers up a list of TWENTY-NINE plant-based holiday dishes! Nom nom! CLICK HERE.

4. And last but not least, PETA serves up a Thanksgiving Survival Guide with plenty of favorites. CLICK HERE.


Let’s evolve…one holiday at a time if that’s what it takes. For you, for your family, for the animals and for goodness sake.

Happy vegan cooking!