Untethered Soul, Chapter 4: Get Me Lucid!

“What differentiates a conscious, centered being from a person who is not so conscious is simply the focus of their awareness. It’s not a difference in the consciousness itself.… Just as all light from the sun is the same, all awareness is the same.”


Are you lucid?

Now that you know you are aware, based on the last four posts we’ve shared covering the topics in The Untethered Soul, have you found yourself being more aware that you are aware? Chapter 4 is called The Lucid Self and wraps up Part 1 for us. So let’s see what Singer has to say about all this awareness stuff before we launch into the very exciting Part 2, Experiencing Energy.

A lucid dream, as you probably know, is a dream in which often you are flying but especially in which you know that you are dreaming while having the dream. Michael Singer says that similarly if you are aware that you are Awareness, then you are lucid.

Throughout the day you might not be aware that you are Awareness. But when you’re seated in the self you’re lucid, aware that the thoughts, feelings, judgments, labels, emotions that you are experiencing are not you but that they are the dream in which you are immersed. Or, if it resonates more with you, they are the movie in which you are immersed.

Singer uses the analogy of TV to make clear that we can allow our awareness, or our consciousness, to wander. When you’re watching TV, you often don’t focus at all on what else is going on in the room, or the time that his passing. In the same way, we can get wrapped up in what Singer calls our “inner show.”

Let me get a little personal to make this more relevant. I don’t just want to write chapter summaries here. I want to be real and I want you to take something from this for your OWN lives. In thinking about all this in relation to my own life and trying to think of a way to make it functional for you readers, I ended up noticing that there are three levels of lucidity for me. (Nothing is really so easily categorized, but for the sake of ease let’s say three levels.)

Level 1: I Love Lucid!

This strongest level of lucidity happens for me during times of meditation and prayer when I can remove all distraction and “go inside” to be in the witness seat. With practice, I am more and more able to remain there fairly steadfastly and commune with whoever/whatever I want to from that place. When I began the exercise of silent mediation a few years ago it was MUCH harder to quiet down and let the monkey brain relax. Now, I can get myself into that seat of witness with more ease and once there, I let the prayer begin…if that is what needs to happen. I rarely start with prayer anymore (unless I am praying with someone in person) because it is much better for me to get into the seat of Self and pray from that spot instead of just sitting down and praying from a more ego-run place.

Level 2: Lucid or Lose It!

My Level 2 is the point where I have to work out my awareness muscles. It is where I am inundated by distractions of my external movie and internal reactions and so my intention and effort to remain aware of my awareness is in full effect. This would be for example while I am driving my car in busy traffic, while at the grocery store, hiking at the busy and bustling Hollyridge Trail, or surrounded by energies at a family gathering. Basically, anywhere that is not my quiet meditation spot requires me to flex my awareness muscle!

The great thing though it that I fully believe that the more I flex, the easier it will become. It is very liberating to be among people and egos and be in the seat of witness, from which I can interact with them with less attachment, emotion, and defensiveness. Things get to me less, traffic is okay because all things unfold as they are meant to, people are more lovable because they are on a journey just as I am, etc. You get the idea. Stuff is just better.

Level 3: Luciwhat?

This Level is where I am not at all lucid. Not even thinking about it. Forgot all about my Self. Totally engrossed in my movie and emotions. What are we even talking about?

This inattention happens most frequently and intensely when I’m at work. Work is busy, busy, busy; I have anxieties that get triggered easily at work; I am almost constantly in someone else’s presence so there is little gratuitous alone time. In a social situation I can step aside and get reentered before entering back into the pool of egos. At work, not so easy.

No guilt though. This level just gives me a challenge, helps me set a goal. What would it be like, after all, to be more Self and less Ego at work?? It probably would be pretty amazing. I probably wouldn’t feel as stressed or nervous.

So those are my levels. What about you? Where is your awareness throughout the day? Is it in your movie, in your emotions? do you remember at different points in your coming and going that you are much, much more than all of that external and internal gunk?

“You will find that you are tremendously expansive.… You realize that your consciousness only appears to be small and limited because you are focusing on small and limited objects. ” Pg. 37

I’m setting a goal. I’m going to try recalling my true identity during my work days. That’s at least 40 hours a week in which I have a chance to be more of who I want to be! To be more free! To be more authentic! What a great opportunity.

Will you join me? If you have already grasped your true identity through reading the previous Untethered posts, now think about when and where you can bring that awareness of awareness into your daily life. I’ll meet you there!

With Love,

~~~S Wave~~~


My California Pizza Kitchen Calling

Could working at a pizza chain be a life calling?? Why not. I have a friend who worked there for years. He was (from what I surmise) the director of development and training and he LOVED his job. He loved working with people, thinking outside the box to develop new ideas, and fostering customer relations with every encounter. When he talked about his job he was so enthusiastic; he was bubbling with energy. When I told him how rare it is to run into people who speak so passionately about their job, he asked me if my job brought me that kind of passion. “I think so,” was my luke-warm reply. I had just made a career change and although the change felt right, I couldn’t say whether or not it was going to be my “passion.” Time would tell.

My job is wonderful. I love working with children and families in a helping profession. I am unendingly thankful for a career that provides me with financial stability and with time to pursue other interests. My work environment is warm and happy and  my colleagues are friendly and supportive. I can absolutely see how the work we do would be fulfilling to a person.


The passion isn’t there for me. Then today, while reading Manifesting Michelangelo,  I rested for a moment on the following passage:

The feelings that register within you–in your heart, throat, stomach–those unconscious clues will reveal to you your sacred purpose. … By listening to your inner signals and allowing your reactions to your environment, workplace, and family to register, and by paying attention to the message within, your sacred gift, the reason you were created for, will reveal itself to you. That sacred potential within you is your inheritance waiting to be claimed.

I looked back and contemplated the path that brought me to where I am today. Had I followed my “inner signals?” When I was younger, I always loved animals and nature. I enjoyed being alone or with one or two others. I loved reading great stories and writing my thoughts. I loved being contemplative. I can’t recall what I wanted to “be” during high school. Maybe it was “photographer” or “writer.” In college I started out as a creative writing major. But I felt compelled to find something more “realistic” which was really an excuse to escape the pressure of performance in such an abstract world. I needed the comfort of something more structured…something science-y. My mother, knowing I enjoyed working with children in my part-time work study assignment , and knowing I was fascinated with language, suggested the career of Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). It made sense: it was a science-based profession, it was well-received by people concerned with “stability,” and it forecast a clear path of 2 years of graduate studies then a job.

So here I am now–with a brief stint of PhD studies mixed in there–working as a SLP and enjoying the work that I do. Yet, there is this abiding lack of passion for what I do day-to-day. I don’t want to be working for the weekend and having to sing Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 to rally myself many mornings. Now, I fully believe in making the most of what you have, expressing gratitude for your blessings, and believing that the seeking soul is always right where they are supposed to be. I read recently, “Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water; after enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. I’m not looking for an escape, but I am curious. Could there be more of a connection to my work? Could there be something out there that I would feel passionate about doing every day?

I think the answer to this is going to be a two-way street. The first lane, me…making the most of the time I have in this job by facing demons that arise, walking in love and appreciating the moments full of potential and opportunity that surround me. The second lane, God (as always, please consider my meaning to be God according to my experiences and beliefs while you may prefer Source, Universe, Divinity, Higher Power, etc.)…unfolding the roadmap toward a meeting place where my deferred “desires of the heart” come together with the gifts, knowledge, and skills I have now. What I know is that the loves from my childhood are still those which bring an effervescence to my soul today. They are still my California Pizza Kitchen.


But this post isn’t just about me. It’s about US. I want us all to be living those “sacred potentials” that are our “inheritance,” our California Pizza Kitchens. I want us to be free individuals that are complete, fulfilled, and capable of passing all of it along to others.  Tomorrow (hopefully tomorrow) I will tell you more about the book and what the author says about finding and embodying your “sacred potential” and how to use it to help others. I’ve gotten so much out of this book and I hope you’ll visit our site again tomorrow to find out about it.

Always with much love,

~~~S Wave~~~