Welcome to Life As a Wave,

If you have found yourself here, I hope you will stay and peruse the site. Life As a Wave began as a well-meaning blog with a vague purpose of wanting to bring positive stories from a variety of demographics. It brought you posts from a nonagenarian, a country-living mother, a sustainable farmer, and an urban young professional. As time went by, the unifying concept of most posts—Connection—became more distinct. Now Life As a Wave is being brought to you solely by me, Simone. I call myself ~~~S Wave~~~ because it reminds me of my identity and my intention here. I write with the distinct purpose of exploring connections: innerconnection, interconnection, global connection, and cosmic connection. To learn more about this purpose, visit the Purpose page.

To further introduce the blog, I would like to provide an explanation of the title and what it has come to mean to me. My father once illustrated the theory of interconnectedness to me with the metaphor of the individual waves that compose the ocean. It went something like this: we are all an individual wave—unique and purposeful—but we are also, simultaneously, the ocean. We are inseparable from each other. We impact each other, crash into each other, carry each other and form each other. The metaphor resonated with me and I began to follow my curiosity about the science behind interconnection. Curiosity begot curiosity and soon I was thinking about our connection to the multiple parts of ourselves, the plant and animal life that shares this Earth with us, and the greater “Other” that is in it all. As an active spiritual seeker and an activist for animal and environmental rights, as well as someone who places great value on self-knowledge, this idea of multilayered connection gave me a way to unify and conceptualize all these interests—all these “waves”—into one paradigm, one immense ocean of connections that is designed to support greater love and unity.

It is a great honor and adventure to share all this learning with all of you! I never knew that blogging would bring such joy!

Enjoy. I sincerely thank you for being here.

Simone, aka ~~~S Wave~~~

40 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Helllo Waves! Thank you, ~S~ for following my blog. I’m so looking forward to read more of your work. I have much to learn from you; thank you! Compassionate eating is always on my mind & I’m usually failing. Currently itching to rewrite my recent poem on the topic — I left it on such down note. You, on the other hand are inspiring!

    • p.s., I’m curious — where do you stand on honey? I know it sounds odd, coming from an occasional meat eater; but on my vegan days, I do want to walk the talk. Honey seems so complex since bees are used to grow vegetables, too. Or do I have that wrong? I’m likely over-complicating things. Perhaps I should just continue to eat as kindly as possible as often as possible and not worry so much about the details. Thoughts?

      • I don’t eat honey. It was one of the more recent things to go because I didn’t realize the way that it was “manufactured.” Like many people fall for the guise of “happy cows,” I pictured bees living happily outdoors and making their honey in a white hive that sat in the middle of a green field. Once in a while a man in a white suit would come and gently take out the honey. The bees were fine with it because they had plenty for themselves. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the way it works. You can check out http://www.vegetus.org/honey/honey.htm for the full scoop, but the basic story is that bees are denied their natural social, self-devensive, and nutritional habits so we can take their honey and feed them sugar water or corn syrup instead. Some would say it’s extreme not to eat honey…so be it. I’m following the path of least exploitation. I honor you for your questions and your journey! You’re doing great!

        • Funny, when I skimmed this reply yesterday on my phone, what I saw was “Don’t eat honey” — and I loved the simplicity of being told what to do. 🙂 Now I see I read that incorrectly and am laughing at myself. What you say about how the bees are treated reminds me of something I read the other day about a chemical that kills aphids. I have to blog about it — it’s really sad. Anyway, thanks for your encouragement!

    • Hi Ruth! I love that you greeted us as “waves!” Thanks for getting what we’re all about. 🙂 I appreciated your poem because it was so genuine. Sometimes ending on “down” note is what is genuine, right? I’m looking forward to reading more. I began my college studies way back when as a creative writing major and often wish I had stuck with it. I hope you are enjoying your experiences!

      • Thanks, S. It sounds like we have a lot in common… I went the safer route in college and majored in TV/Film rather than creative writing. Just recently officially declared it my only real regret . . . but am studying now to make up for lost time. With the internet, it’s a wonderful time in history to be a writer. So glad you “found me”! I repeat: I’m going to enjoy reading more of your work here.

    • Hi Jennifer! Did I ever officially say “thank you” for your nomination?? Well, if not, “THANK YOU!” This whole blogging thing has been so much fun and so eye-opening and motivating. I’ve loved reading so many other earnest writers like yourself. Have a great night!

      • you are so marvelous. thank you for making my night, it really is such fun and sometimes serious. i’ve met some of the greatest people in my life doing my blog. who would think something you do alone most of the time would bring on so many emotions. you have a great night yourself. and you are welcom for the nominations for the Reader Appreciation Award. just think we would never have met if it weren;t for the blogging. i love your zen way of being and thinking and expressing yourself. take care. jen

    • Thank you, Jennifer! You are so thoughtful and generous with these nominations. ❤ We don't always have time to pay it forward, so to speak, but it mean a lot to us that you consider us worth the praise. Have a wonderful day!

  2. As the recent recipient of the Very Inspirational Blogger Award, I have proceeded with the process and have included Life As A Wave in my nominations. Thanks for your enjoyable blogs and information.
    Tom Fitzgerald
    SpiritsOnaLearning Adventure

  3. Hi S Wave,

    Thanks so much for the follow! I really like your emphasis on interconnectedness. I really think it’s key to moving past the practice of individualism and separateness that is the underlying cause of so many social and environmental problems.

    Really looking forward to reading your posts,

    Sarah (The Happy Rat)

  4. ohyesitspossible says:

    Hey! Your comment on my blog post yesterday made my heart smile. Thank you so much. While reading your welcome page and your purpose, I felt a kindred spirit speaking – a friend. A fellow seeker of connection, truth, and compassion for all life. Thank you for your humble and wise honesty, and for letting us all splash around in your beautiful words! – Sonja

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